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Dealing With Stress of 2016

Oct 19, 2016

All these things matter. It’s not easy. We get that. Along with Dr. King, we believe that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We also believe that in times of challenge and controversy, we must choose to do something rather than just stand on the sidelines.

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Going Through Chaos To Building Peace: 2016

Oct 12, 2016

Wowzer!  2016 has been a challenging year for our community as well as our nation.  Do you feel like current events is just non-stop bad news?  It can be like a wet blanket that falls over us, or that rain cloud that never quite goes away.

The air is rich with news about the recent flooding in Louisiana where nearly 500,000 people were affected, police shootings, both locally and nation-wide, the presidential election, and the Facebook...
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Overview Of Our Services

Oct 05, 2016

Have you ever gone to the doctor’s office to get a referral, wishing you could just go and see the person you wanted to see right away? Instead you have to drive around town, make multiple appointments, and fill out more paperwork for every office. Meanwhile, whatever condition is prompting you to see a specialist is still there while you’re on hold. Sound familiar? We get it! It’s our job to reduce and eliminate those barriers.

We want...
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Building A Successful Environment For Our Children To Learn

Sep 21, 2016

Have you ever wondered how you can best set your child up for success in school?  If you’re a parent, you’ve probably thought about it constantly since before your child was in school.

You may recall, in recent months, we published articles about learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD.  While we can test for those and get you results in a timely manner, most of those things are out of your control.

One of our core beliefs at PTI is to put...
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Veteran Suicide Update

Sep 15, 2016

Veteran suicide and PTSD studies are hot topics in the medical community.

According to the Huffington Post and a study conducted in 2014, about 20 veterans commit suicide each day, which is slightly lower to the previous estimate of 22 a day.

The most recent study, conducted by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, increased its scope from the previous, and oft-quoted “22 per day,” to include all 50 states and 55 million records.  Previously, the 2012 study only reviewed...
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Suicide Prevention 5K 

Aug 31, 2016

Have you heard of the #22Pushup Challenge for #22Kill?  The goal is to raise awareness for Veteran and Service members who commit suicide, which is a statistical average of 22-day, thus the emphasis on the number “22.”   (Although there’s greater awareness around the 22-day average, there’s a new study that’s just been released from the VA with a slightly lowered 20-day average).  Here at PTI, we’re committed to supporting our Veterans and we are glad to have a great...
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