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Telepsychiatry uses virtual meeting technology to link psychiatrists and clients virtually through the Internet.

To deliver on our mission of removing barriers to providing the best mental health care, we employ psychiatrists with experience in telepsychiatry. At the discretion of the treating professional, Telepsychiatry services can deliver the same, if not better outcomes, as in-person office visits since client-physician interaction is similar to that experienced with an in-office visit… just much more convenient.

The service provides convenient access to psychiatric evaluations and medication management by board certified psychiatrists (MD) to help clients better manage and comply with treatments. With Telepsychiatry, clients experience a feeling of privacy and control without losing the personal touch of an in-person consultation with their mental health professional. Telepsychiatry is provided at no additional cost to the client, however, if you have private insurance, contact your benefits manager to see if your plan covers tele-health.

How does Telepsychiatry work?

It’s as easy as clicking on a link sent to your email. At the discretion of the treating professional, established clients connect with a telepsychiatrist through their smartphones, tablets or laptops from a quiet, convenient location. Using telepsychiatry, a board certified psychiatrist can conduct psychiatric evaluations and medication management, thus reducing the number of in-office visits for clients.

To deliver the best care possible, we make sure clients and their treatment provider have established a solid foundation and a relationship built on trust before making tele-health services available as an option. PTI offers tele-health services for our clients’ convenience, and for working around today’s busy lifestyles. For more information on telepsychiatry, speak with your mental health professional.

General Instructions for Your Session:

  • Schedule the telepsychiatry session with a PTI client liaison.
  • Download the Zoom app.
  • Your PTI client liaison will send you a link.
  • Click the link and within minutes you’ll be connected to your PTI physician.


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